Sunday evening, the 25th of November

After a fantastic weekend at home, Stijn brought me back to my second home, room 27 in the Haga Hospital. Saturday morning Dennis picked me up early from the hospital and the rest of the day I enjoyed being back home. Nothing in particular, but just resting on the couch with a cat on my lap and watching the kids coming to and back from scouting, jobs or shopping in town.

Cato left in the afternoon for a sleepover at scouting. She could earn a badge for cooking and parents were invited to join the dinner, which was bought, prepared and served by the scouts. It wasn’t a good idea for me to join in, so Dennis went there together with Floor. Stijn had to work that evening, so I was home alone for two hours, but with neighbour Christa there as my go-to.

When everyone, except for Cato, were back home we had a nice Saturday evening with an 80s themed programme on tv with bitterballen (typical Dutch finger food) and a non-alcoholic beer. Delightful!
That evening I slept in my own bed, without having to say goodbye to my dear. And woke up only once at night, feeling disoriented.

This Morning the four of us had breakfast and at 13.00 Cato was back home. Quite long ago we bought tickets to the Ernst & Bobbie show (a Dutch kids show), which was organised by local supermarket. Up to the last moment I doubted whether or not I would go. The doctors told me to avoid large crowds and especially children. So the kids show was the last place I should go…
I take the advice from doctors very serious, especially if it’s about my own safety. However, I was so excited for an fun afternoon with the family, so with a face mask on and some other adjustments we eventually risked it. The owner of the organising supermarket was really friendly, as he made sure we didn’t have to wait in the busy queue and he reserved some places, so I didn’t have to sit in the midst of the crowd. After the show we even had a meet and greet with our heroes. It was fantastic!

As soon as we’d walked back home it was time for Cato to go swimming. Today she could obtain two diplomas, something I really wanted to be a witness of. And here too, I could sit separated from the crowded tribune. It’s so great to have so many people think along and help make everything a bit easier for us!

After Cato did her best and managed to get a diploma and a certificate, we went back home and dined together. To wrap up the wonderful weekend, we watched a film together and then it was time to return to the hospital.

It is now time to close my eyes, I will probably sleep well tonight! It was a wonderful weekend and everyone who contributed to it; thank you very much!